Dial  Locksmith provides the most advanced and state-of-the-art bio-metric access control (BAC) systems on the New York Locks & Locksmiths  market. Our BAC systems can be used to track and monitor groups of people or individuals. They also allow for full access control and identity access management. Moreover, our BAC systems can implement various means to recognize or detect a person based on unique traits such as DNA like the finger prints. 
For example, Dial  Locksmith currently provides 4 different kinds of fingerprint readers. Our pin-less fingerprint reader does not require a pin pass code. It allows you to manage and program over a thousand users by simply using a remote programmer. Moreover, we provide an online fingerprint reader that can detect up to 4000 unique fingerprints with template management being handled centrally using the provided software. However, if you do not wish to use bio-metric compatible computers,  Dial Locksmith also provides a standalone model that can be programmed to detect up to 300 unique fingerprints directly from the fingerprint reader itself. Furthermore, we provide a fingerprint verification reader that uses post-it patches and a smart card. That is, it will only allow access if both the smart card and fingerprint are verified at once, allowing for dual security measures.

Moreover, Dial Locksmith installs bio-metric door locks that incorporate multi-core detection technology. Our cylindrical fingerprint locks are battery operated and are installed as standalone locks. Furthermore, they can detect fake fingerprints using algorithmic analysis, electrostatic capacity, and optical features such as infrared lighting. 

Control with Ease of Use - The IP Based Access Control Systems

Our access control system is highly effective in maintaining security from anywhere you have internet access. We can configure the software to work seamlessly with existing networks. The IP-based access control systems allow you to manage electronic locks from a web browser, providing ease and flexibility. With cloud-based door access control, you can control your security as long as you have a PC. In the case of wireless-based access control systems, the network is connected via Wi-Fi and operates just as reliably as wired systems. We specialize in the installation of access control systems to ensure your security needs are met.

Some of the brand names we work is Rosslare’s access control solutions:

  • PC DVR

Dial locksmith provides electronic access control (EAC) services for maximum security for compounds and the like in the New York City Locksmiths sector.

EAC is a system that allows its user to allow or deny access to integral and confidential computerized information systems or actual physical compounds.

Our EAC systems will allow you to keep tabs on the activities within your establishment as well as record any actions that transpire from the exterior or from within. By using a single primary EAC mainframe you can control access to every room in your facility remotely via a single, intuitive interface, saving you thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours in the process. Other benefits of our EAC systems include being able to track employee absenteeism, punch-in and punch out times, break duration, productivity levels, and even provide audits. In addition, our proprietary EAC systems can save you hundreds o f dollars when it pertains to employee turnover because you won’t have to worry about changing the locks when ex-employees leave.

In addition,  we provide PC, MAC, and other web-based EAC solutions with single and multi-site access functionality. Furthermore we will provide you with control access readers and cards and I.D. tracking photo badges do prohibit unauthorized access and deter corporate malfeasance. Moreover, we can also provide you with edge devices that are only single-door enabled if security is of the utmost importance.

Dial Locksmith offers a wide series of EAC systems with various different features at different rates. For instance, our EAC systems’ access code range ranges from 150 to 3,500. Some of our EAC systems require pins, while others require proxies, smart cards, or all 3.  Dial Locksmith will provide a free consolation as well as an inspection of your establishment in order to assess the security needs of your complex before we recommend and implement one of our award winning EAC systems within your facility. 

The most common Access Control System in NYC:

Keypad Access – Allow building residents or employees to enter the building with a PIN number.
Bio-metric Access – Restrict access based on bio-metric fingerprint scanning.
Card Access – Only those with activated key cards will be able to unlock doors.

1. What is an access control system?

An access control system is a vital security solution that controls who can enter a building or specific areas within it. These systems include electronic locks, keypads, card readers, and biometric access control to ensure only authorized individuals gain access. We provide top-notch residential gate access control systems and commercial key fob door entry systems in NYC.

2. How does the installation of an access control system work?

The installation access control system process involves our expert technicians setting up hardware and software to manage entry points seamlessly. We configure the system to integrate with your existing network, ensuring robust security. Specializing in access control installation in Manhattan, we deliver reliable services throughout NYC.

3. What are IP-based access control systems?

IP-based access control systems enable you to manage electronic locks and access points through a web browser. This system offers flexibility and convenience, allowing remote access control from anywhere with an internet connection. Our offerings include advanced cloud-based access control systems like Openpath access control and Brivo access control.

4. How do cloud-based door access control systems operate?

Cloud-based door access control systems store access data on remote servers, providing real-time updates and allowing management of access points from any location via a web browser or mobile device. We feature top solutions from the top 10 access control systems companies to meet your needs.

5. What are the benefits of biometric access control in NYC?

Biometric access control uses unique physical characteristics, such as fingerprints or facial recognition, to grant access, offering a high level of security. This method ensures that only authorized individuals can enter. We also offer fingerprint time attendance systems and biometric access control solutions in NYC.

6. Are wireless access control systems as reliable as wired systems?

Yes, wireless access control systems connected via Wi-Fi are just as reliable as wired systems. They offer flexibility in installation and can be easily integrated with existing networks. Our range includes smart access control systems and single door access control systems to suit various requirements.

​7. How can I manage my access control system remotely?

With IP-based or cloud-based door access control systems, you can manage your security remotely using a PC, tablet, or smartphone. This allows you to control entry points and monitor activity from anywhere with internet access. Our products include PDK access control and condo access control systems, ensuring comprehensive security management.

8. What options are available for businesses looking to enhance their security in NYC?

Businesses in NYC can enhance their security with various access control solutions, including IP-based systems, cloud-based door access control, and biometric access control. We offer comprehensive access control installation services in Manhattan, including maglocks, turnstile gates, and electronic locks for commercial doors. Our services provide robust security access management systems and identity management systems throughout Manhattan and NYC.

9. What types of access methods are available for access control systems?

Access control systems can use various methods to grant access, including Keypad Access, which allows residents or employees to enter the building with a PIN number, and Bio-metric Access, which restricts access based on fingerprint scanning. Additionally, Card Access systems ensure that only those with activated key cards can unlock doors.

10. What are ROSSLARE Security Products?

ROSSLARE Security Products include single/dual door networked access solutions, PC DVR/surveillance client/server management software, and PC client/server management software. These products are designed to enhance the effectiveness of electronic access control (EAC) systems, which may require PINs, proxies, or smart cards for entry.

​11. How do I choose the right access control system for my needs?

Choosing the right access control system depends on your specific security requirements. Consider factors such as the number of entry points, the desired level of security, and whether you need features like biometric access control, key card entry systems, or smart access control systems. Consulting with an expert can help you make the best decision.

12. Can access control systems integrate with other security systems?

Yes, access control systems can integrate with other security systems such as surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and identity management systems. This integration enhances overall security by providing a comprehensive solution for monitoring and controlling access.

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